money laundering


The Crown inquiry has opened and one of the key players is the biggest casino group in the country, MGM. They are under fire as well from the Government for not being able to provide adequate funds to combat the terrorist threats. At the end of the day it’s the public who is going to lose out as a result of not having the funding that’s needed by the authorities.

The Crown inquiry is looking at the activities that took place within the UK gaming industry and it will investigate whether any of the games were being played illegally. In this article I’m going to discuss how the Crown inquiry is going to investigate the games played at MGM and other big UK casinos.

MGM has been under fire for their failures to comply with the money laundering probe, especially after it was revealed that they had been using players’ identities to conduct illegal gaming activities. These facts made a huge impact on MGM and their business model. It was clear to anyone who was involved in this investigation that there had to be a system in place to stop this type of thing happening again.

There have been no criminal investigations into these games and that’s what the Crown inquiry is looking into. The investigation is looking at whether or not the casinos and gaming industry as a whole were taking part in any illegal activities. They are also investigating whether or not they had the proper systems in place to detect and prevent any type of fraud from taking place. These investigations all fall under the umbrella of money laundering.

The Crown inquiry is going to be dealing with all aspects of the games being conducted in the casinos in a legal manner. The casinos are going to have to ensure that the ID systems in place are being used correctly and that they are not allowing gaming devices to be used for illegal purposes.

Another point of importance that the Crown inquiry will be looking into is whether or not casinos and gaming companies were putting a lot of money into the black market. Money that could be better invested into the real world market for the benefit of everyone involved. In conclusion, this is a very important issue that needs to be addressed by the Crown inquiry.